ExemPLAR 2014: Cadorath Uniflyte

The MPLAN ExemPLAR Award is given to organisations for achieving success in the Recognition of Prior Learning/RPL in a way that can stand as an example for similar organisations who may be new to RPL. (More about the ExemPLAR Award)


Uniflyte, part of Cadorath/Uniflyte, is an innovative small to medium manufacturer in the welding and fabrication sectors. For over 35 years, they have been providing customers with unique products that can be found in grain harvesting equipment, ice surface cleaning machines, components for machines that gather corn for ethanol, augers for foundations, snowblower blades, commercial ventilation systems, paper-making products, mining equipment and ice fishing equipment. They are ISO 9001 : 2008 certified and Lean Manufacturing is a prominent part of their culture.

Setting the Example

Once it was convinced of the potential of Essential Skills training for increasing productivity, Uniflyte invited WEM* and WPLAR** to work them to identify the specific Essential Skills/ES set needed on the floor at Uniflyte. The next step was to assess all relevant employees. Thirty of the forty employees assessed met all the requirements and got their Essential Skills Certificate without having to attend the ES training program. The remaining ten are taking only the modules required as identified by the skills recognition tool saving the time of the employees and the money it might have spent training them in skill they already possessed.

As soon as it was clear that ES training with RPL was proving to be of real value, Uniflyte committed to it for the long term. To ensure RPL became part of its overall Human Resources strategy, a manager was assigned to become fully knowledgeable about it and the person responsible for its ongoing implementation -not only in terms of training existing employees but also for the RPL ES assessment of potential new hires.

Results Achieved

To date five candidates have taken the assessment. Management has reported significant improvements in the efficiency of employment selection and new hires training.

By committing to providing all relevant employees and potential new hires with the chance to complete certification in Essential Skills, and by investing time, money and personnel into incorporating and coordinating RPL within its HR policies and practices, Uniflyte has become an exemplar of how to effectively implement RPL within a workplace on a daily basis and gain the resulting benefits in terms of improved productivity, reduced waste raised morale as a consequence of these fair practices.


Generous support and advice from the Workplace Prior Learning and Recognition (WPLAR)** and Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM)* allowed Cadorath/Uniflyte learn how to redesign its training and recruitment practices so that it could effectively incorporate the recognition of prior learning into its day to day operations.